Community - Neighbors

Living in McLean means benefiting from unique relationships with special neighbors – the Carolina Thread Trail’s Seven Oaks Preserve, Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, and the City of Belmont.

A trail beginning in McLean at our future 10-acre, city of Belmont Park leads into one of the region’s most important natural preserves. The 78-acre Seven Oaks Preserve includes a rare stand of magnificent swamp chestnut oaks. Turkeys, turtles, and native wildflowers thrive here. Osprey and eagles often soar overhead.

At our community doorstep lies one of America’s “20 Great Gardens.” The 300-acre Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden provides year-round natural beauty and classes for adults and children, plus special membership rates for McLean residents.

Downtown Belmont offers a host of restaurants, shops, and events enjoyed by McLean residents throughout the year.