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Community - Trails and Parks

McLean residents enjoy easy access to natural beauty and recreation both within the community and beyond. The community features a growing network of trails for walkers and cyclists, linking McLean’s various neighborhoods to historic homes, scenic ponds, wooded areas, and parks. These trails offer residents a chance to immerse themselves in the area’s natural charm and enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.

Parks in McLean include neighborhood parks and playgrounds as well as pet parks. In addition to providing spaces for family fun, exercise, and recreation, these parks are a place where neighbors can gather and get to know one another.

One of the highlights for residents and visitors alike is the trailhead on South New Hope Road, which provides access to the magnificent Seven Oaks Preserve Trail. This 2.8-mile shoreline path winds through ancient oaks and tulip poplars in the 78-acre preserve, offering stunning views and a peaceful retreat. The trail runs adjacent to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, allowing for a seamless transition between these two natural havens.

In addition to the Seven Oaks Preserve Trail, nature trails are being built adjacent to the Overlake neighborhood. A 10-acre City of Belmont Park is also in the works, set to be added on New Hope Road adjacent to the John Davidson McLean House and across from the Seven Oaks Preserve trailhead. This park will be a major asset to the community, offering a spacious area for various recreational activities. It will include open spaces for picnics, sports, and other community events, making it a hub of outdoor activity and social interaction.

Whether you’re hiking the scenic trails, cycling through the community, or enjoying a day at the park, McLean provides endless opportunities to connect with nature and engage in a vibrant, active lifestyle.


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